Business Owners Policy (BOP) in Petaluma and Sonoma County, CA

Building a solid business means being prepared for hazards by having the right insurance in place. One of the easiest ways for small business owners to get coverage is to carry a business owners policy (BOP). 
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What is a BOP?  

Most businesses need multiple types of commercial insurance, which usually means getting various policies. However, small businesses often need streamlined and affordable coverage. By investing in a BOP, they can receive several essential commercial insurance coverages in one policy. These policies are designed specifically for small businesses, and your Don Ramatici Insurance agent will help you determine if you qualify for coverage. 

What Does a BOP Cover?  

BOPs usually contain three types of coverage: 

  • Property insuranceIf something damages companyproperty (e.g., buildings, stock, equipment, furnishings), this coverage can help you repair or replace the items.

  • General liability insuranceIf a lawsuit alleges that you caused property damage, injuries or other losses to third parties (e.g., customers), your business will have coverage for legal expenses and related costs.

  • Business interruption insuranceIf you face a halt in operations following damaging incidents, this coverage can help you recover lost income.

You may need other coverage like workers’ compensation insurance, commercial auto insurance or commercial umbrella coverage to round out your business insurance portfolio. These policies generally must be purchased separately from your BOP. Your Don Ramatici Insurance agent will work with you to determine the full slate of coverage that your business needs. 

How Much Does a Business Owners Policy Cost?  

You may find that it is more affordable to buy a BOP than to buy your commercial property, general liability and business interruption insurance policies separately. The Don Ramatici Insurance team understands that you want to keep your coverage affordable. We will work with you to get an optimized BOP that fits your company’s budget. 

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