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All homes need proper levels of homeowners insurance in order to be fully protected. Failing to adequately cover your property will leave you exposed to numerous loss risks in the event of unexpected problems on your property. Those who own high-value homes are not immune to these risks, and they must tailor their homeowners policies to cover their property’s high value.  

High-value homeowners insurance is customizable, effective and can provide great value to all policyholders. Here at Don Ramatici Insurance, we are committed to helping you develop a quality benefits package that will work to your advantage at all times. We offer policies in in Petaluma County and Sonoma County and beyond, and we’ll work with you to put together the perfect high-value home policy for your needs. 

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More About High-Value Homeowners Insurance  

What is High-Value Homeowners Insurance?  

In insurance terms, a high-value home is typically defined as one that will cost at least $750,000 (or more) to rebuild following a total loss. Under standard homeowners insurance, the terms offered might not be adequate to cover the full value of the home in question. Therefore, a high-value homeowners policy will be necessary to increase your benefits while still providing you with the coverage you are familiar with on the standard policy. 

Many people often wonder what’s the point of investing in additional protection of high-value home insurance. The main difference between standard and high-value policies is the limits offered. High-value homeowners insurance offers higher limits of coverage for homes of higher value, and that will ensure that you are protected in case of any eventuality.  

What Does High-Value Homeowners Insurance Cover?  

You’ll generally be able to obtain the following coverage under your high-value home insurance:  

  • Structure Protection: This insures your house in the event of damage from fires, weather, theft, vandalism or other hazards. 
  • Detached Structures Coverage: Other buildings on your property – such as fences, carports, gazebos and detached garages - will have coverage.  
  • Possessions Insurance: This pays for damaged belongings. Protection might cover everything from furniture to food in the pantry and computer systems.  
  • Liability Coverage: If you accidentally harm someone else or damage their property, you can use this coverage to repay them. Coverage will often pay for incidents both on and off your property.  
  • Additional Living Expense Protection: Do you need to move out temporarily after household damage? Let this coverage reimburse you for expenses like dining or hotel bills.  

Additional policy floaters can be added to your policy such as:   

  • Scheduled items riders  
  • Replacement cost value possessions coverage  
  • Umbrella liability insurance  
  • Flood insurance  
  • Earthquake and windstorm endorsements  
  • Pet liability insurance  

With additional coverage, you’ll be able to fully insure high-value items, including expensive possessions like jewelry, fur, art and similar possessions.  

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