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Don Ramatici Insurance, Inc. provides insurance to businesses in Petaluma, Sonoma County, Napa County, Marin County, Solano County, Sacramento, and surrounding areas.

Business insurance is an easy way to receive financial protection from losses. There are several options available for business insurance coverage. Here at Don Ramatici Insurance we believe in providing all of our local business partners with the commercial business insurance solutions they need. We proudly serve Petaluma, Sonoma County, Napa County, and the surrounding areas, and all you have to do to get customized coverage for your business is to call us. 

What Business Insurance Do You Need? 

Businesses need numerous insurance policies in order to fully insure their operations. As you work with our agents to optimize your coverage, we can ensure that each plan offers you the right benefits, in the right ways, at the right prices. 

There are multiple different types of insurance you can have to protect your business, including: 

  • General liability insurance. This policy helps cover expenses and attorney fees resulting from injuries or property damage claims for which your business may be legally responsible. General liability insurance may cover costs if an injured third party sues your business. These insurance policies typically have four coverage elements:
    • Premises liability covers you if a person not employed at your business becomes injured on your property. 
    • Products liability covers you if a product or service causes injury to someone’s body or inflicts damage on a consumer’s personal property.  
    • A personal injury is when your business inflicts physical, financial or mental damage to a third party. 
    • Advertisement injuries that result from alleged misinformation, copyright infringement or slander made by your business. 
  • Workers’ compensation helps cover medical bills or wage replacement for employees who experience a work-related injury. 
  • Commercial auto helps cover business-owned or -leased vehicles, as well as employees who drive company vehicles for business purposes. Commercial auto coverages may include liability, comprehensive, collision and hired and non-owned auto coverage.  
  • Commercial property insurance helps you if your business experiences a loss such as a fire, explosion, burst pipe, storm or theft. The insurance compensates you for losses or damage to your building, leased or owned equipment and other property on the premises.   
  • Employment practices liability insurance helps cover wrongful acts that occur during the employment process, such as claims of discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment or retaliation. This coverage can also reimburse you for the costs of defending a lawsuit in court. 
  • Professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, can help protect your business against claims that a service you provided caused a client to suffer due to a mistake or failure on your part. 
  • Cyber liability insurance can help protect your business from a cyber attack or interruption that can cause a loss in data, revenue or trust between you and your customers.  

The best coverage options for your business will vary depending on the needs of your business and employees. If you are looking for coverage recommendations, connect with an agent.  

Here When You Need Us 

At, Don Ramatici Insurance, we are here to help you when you need help with your commercial insurance package. You’ll always get effective coverage at the appropriate prices. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for a quote! 


Common Business Insurance Questions 

How Much Does Business Insurance Cost? 

The cost of business insurance varies widely depending on several factors, such as your location, industry, size of the business, coverage limits and other factors. Fill out a quote form to find out how much you can save on business insurance with Don Ramatici Insurance, Inc. 

How Much Business Insurance Do I Need? 

Every business is different and your coverage needs may be different from your neighbor’s even within the same industry. Be sure to speak with an insurance agent about insuring your business with enough coverage to protect all of your assets. 

How Does Business Insurance Work? 

Business insurance operates much like other insurance policies. The business owner typically purchases business insurance and pays monthly premiums in return for coverage. As long as the policy is active, you can file a claim to receive compensation for your business’ losses. 

Who Needs Business Insurance? 

Essentially every business needs business insurance. Even if you don’t have a physical location, your company could face lawsuits and other claims regarding bodily injury, property damage, products liability and more. 

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