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December 2012

Flash Report!
Pure Premium Rates Go Way Up for California Workers' Comp - Here is the video report providing the accurate new workers' comp rates. The Commissioner approved and increase that is more than expected and more than the industry asked for. 
Jones Appears Set On Rate Increase - How Big Is The Question - Based upon information from the workers' comp rate hearing, which ended a little while ago, the pure premium rate decision to be rendered by California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones could be more than that which the Bureau asked for.
October Newsletter -  Governor Vetoes Heat Illness Bill - Gov. Jerry Brown has vetoed two Bills that would have increased the regulations on Heat Illness Prevention in the agriculture business sector. The Bills AB 2346 and AB 2676, were considered objectionable by employer groups and farm labor groups.
New Tree Work Revisions in Safety Orders - CAL/OSHA has adopted new Safety Orders for Tree Work, Maintenance or Removal: in the High Voltage Safety orders and General Industry Safety Orders. The changes we spurred by numerous tree work injuries and fatalities in recent years in California.

Risk Control - Motor Vehicle Records–A Management Tool - Motor vehicle records (MVRs) are a valuable management tool for employers in any type of motor transportation business. An MVR will verify that your present or prospective driver has a current, valid operator's license and a satisfactory driving record.
Risk & Safety Management Calendar - Fall Edition 2012 Updated!
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