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November 16, 2022

The Right Insurance for Your Small Business

Every business, big and small, faces various risks every day. Some of these risks are minor nuisances, while others may threaten to halt operations. You can help combat the effects of these risks by equipping your business with the right insurance policy. For small businesses, there are three main options to protect your interests.


  • Home insurance rider: For very small businesses run by a single person out of your home, you may find that a rider on your home insurance policy provides enough extra coverage. If you have little more than a computer, printer and phone, all of your business’ property may lie within the common $2,500 to $5,000 coverage limits. 

  • In-home business insurance: If your business’ equipment exceeds those limits, you may be better off with an in-home business insurance policy, which often includes property coverage limits up to $10,000. Another bonus of this type of policy is that is also includes liability coverage, usually sold in increments up to $1 million worth of coverage. 

  • Business owner’s policy: Many small businesses are sizeable enough to rent out storefronts and other locations, which means they’ll need more coverage than the first two options can provide. A business owner’s policy, or BOP for short, provides a package of coverage options, bundled together for your convenience. You can pick and choose your coverages to create a BOP that is customized to the specific needs of your business. 


Your independent insurance agent will assess your small business and make recommendations for the right type of coverage to help protect everything you’ve worked so hard to create. 


Get the coverage you need. Call us today for more information on business insurance. 

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