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May 5, 2022

How Employee Safety Training Could Impact Your Business Insurance

Every business needs ample levels of business insurance in order to reduce financial risks that can impact your company. Some forms of business insurance directly relate to your company’s operations, inventory, and structure, while others relate to liability risks. Businesses can face costly lawsuits or settlements for mistakes made by employees while on the job.

Operational Risks 
Although employees may face a variety of job-related risks, consider the following:

  • Employees can be hurt while on the job. Whether due to safety violations or mistakes, if an employee is injured on the job, your company can be held liable for their lost time at work, medical bills and other needs.
  • Safety mistakes made on the job by employees can allow customers to be hurt on the job. This is another type of liability matter in which you can be held liable for any losses your customers or clients face due to your employees’ mistakes.

What Employers Can Do 
One of the best ways to help prevent work-related injuries or illnesses is to invest in employee safety training. Doing so could also help reduce some of the costs of business insurance.

Consider these tips when evaluating employee safety training:

  • Provide adequate training on proper equipment use with safety protocols in mind. Avoid encouraging employees to work against the proper equipment procedures in order to yield faster results.
  • Consult with OSHA and other workplace safety agencies to ensure your business operations are done with safety as the primary goal and that all proper guidelines are followed.
  • Implement an employee training program designed for safety improvement on the job. This is especially helpful in situations where you’ve already had safety-related incidents occur and want to make a change to prevent additional mistakes.

By taking steps, such as implementing improved safety protocols, your business can reduce the overall risks at your location. In doing so, you can keep both your employees and customers safe and help lower the amount of money you pay for business insurance. Be sure to talk to your insurance agent about your risks and generate a plan for them to find ways to cut back on risks and reduce your overall costs.

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